According to two people with knowledge of the company’s plans, there will be no immediate layoffs. The expectation is that a small handful of people will be out of jobs come the fall. Those positions will likely be in printing, circulation and publishing; editorial positions have been folded into other operations inside ESPN..

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Eight groups were invited to submit a second round of bids due Dec. 22. Milstein and Snyder attempted to preempt the process and pressure the trustees into making a quick decision by offering more than $700 million in cash, with the stipulation that the offer would expire one day after the rest of the bids were due.

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“I’ve learned a lot,” Smith said, “and I’m going to give credit to our IT people here at the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you can teach me and get me up and running with some of the IT situations we were put in this year. They are a special group. Baltimore became a bit of an epicenter of the debate. It’s a city with a recent history of racial unrest, and Ravens players helped to set a tone for the previous Sunday’s leaguewide reaction to Trump’s comments two days earlier at a political rally in Alabama. ET.

And if Smith were still playing, he would be burdened by some of the things the Redskins have done wrong. They have no touchdown makers, really, other than rookie Terry McLaurin. They have few consistent defensive playmakers who create havoc and create turnovers.

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