The Eagles then turned it into three more points on a 46 yard field goal by Jake Elliott, pushing the lead to 41 33,and requiring Brady to score atouchdown and a two point conversion to force overtime. The playcapped a 10 play, 75 yard drive and put New England up 33 32. It was Brady’s third touchdown pass of the second half..

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Defensive line (6): Ziggy Hood, Phil Taylor, Anthony Lanier. It’s strange to say established veterans such as Hood and Taylor need to prove anything in preseason games, but we’re looking at the numbers here. Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Matt Ioannidis and Tim Settle are all making the club.

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While Terrapins football players perfect their craft, fellow students capture it all on film for coaches to review. This is a college football program, so time is obsessively managed and efficiency matters especially for a new coaching staff that has just 15 spring practices to install its schemes. So instead of waiting until the end of practice to begin uploading and editing hundreds of digital files, the crew led by video coordinator Chad Wells gets to work during practice.

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