“People have reached out to me in so many ways over social media or coming up to me and sharing their stories,” says Dever, adding that her other well known roles as the overachieving Amy in “Booksmart” and the backwoods weed dealer Loretta in “Justified” never provoked such intimate responses. “That’s a testament to the creators of the series and what they wanted out of this. To shed light on Marie and other survivors’ stories, and the amazing detective work that was done.”.

We also need to diversify the faces of those who have access to the biggest pools of money. Millions of African American workers’ retirement savings are invested in the very companies that abandoned their communities. Earmarking a small percentage of pension fund investments to African American asset managers would support diversity in the financial services industry and put money in the hands of people best positioned to see potential in minority communities..

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He can run between the tackles and fight for tough yards. He is a touchdown waiting to happen in the open field. He can catch it out of the backfield to make something out of nothing, and he has the potential (which Carolina hasn’t fully unlocked) to run just about every route, making him even more of a matchup nightmare..

But the NFL has been careful in its approach to digital media. Executives are afraid of moving too quickly from a profitable business model to the world of online streaming, where advertisers spend much less money. And they insist there are technical limitations; NFL executives say it would be difficult for networks and Web companies’ servers to accommodate at one time the millions of viewers that a single game can attract..

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