From a grading perspective this has been an above average line when completely health and has had only one bad game, which came against the league’s top pass rush in Denver. They’re simply being put in the most difficult situation of any offensive line in terms of allowing sacks and pressures. At some point they’ll need some help from the scheme and their quarterback in Indy..

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Up to go to Miami, got to get on a diet so I can fit into my clothes, Reid said. Proud. They had done in their past three games, the sixth seeded Titans (11 8) got started quickly. He’s enigmatic, unpredictable and inconsistent, but the highs are really high. This week, he draws the Carolina defense. Austin does line up in the slot almost three fifths of the time, which means he’ll draw slot cornerback Robert McClain (he of the 104th “best” CB grade so far this season).

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The special teams great in the first series (against Washington, but) the penalty kill was better wasn to start, Faulk said. Series (against the New York Islanders) wasn great, but we got out because we played good 5 on 5 hockey. We got to play better 5 on 5, and you hope to get one or two (power play goals) and stop them on special teams..

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