We recognise that in accordance with the human condition, it is wiser to seek minimally frustrating principles for government rather than satisfactory outcomes. The quest for satisfactory outcomes is taken to be contrary to the continuity of life, whilst the quest for minimally frustrating principles for government is held to be congruent with the continuity of life. We advocate that all principles conceived be conceived in the spirit of that which is congruent with life’s continuation rather than termination..

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John Blues Festival, Coral Bay Thanksgiving Regatta, Mongoose Junction, and Caneel Bay Resort. Tropical sun is a little hot for me, but the water is magnificent, and also the food. The sheer beauty of the place is worth handling the heat. Matthew McManus comes to St. John Paul II from his alma mater, Malvern Preparatory School in Malvern, PA. Since 2016, Matt was Malvern Prep Director of Alumni Relations and Athletic Development.

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