Crippling battery problems eventually sunk the company. Issues within A123, Fisker Automotive’s sole battery supplier, caused a production halt for the Karma, which forced Fisker into bankruptcy. The company was later sold to Chinese investors, and a follow on version of the car, the Karma Revero, is produced in small quantities by a company located in Irvine called Karma Automotive..

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There still some health stuff we have to keep looking into. Then there are the logistics of bringing American players (to Canada). I think we can figure those things out, it been done in other leagues.the financial side, like the league has kept saying, until they secure government help, they cannot discuss salary with us.

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I just think I got to a certain age where that lifestyle was killing me. And in some ways, it was easy when I first started because I would go onstage and no one knew who I was. And then it was like, “What is this strange creature? I’ll let them entertain me while I wait for the big guy, the big guy at the end.” And then as my career developed, I became, in Australia, the headliner.

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