Bixby Jr., “Walt”, stepped into the role in 1990. In 1998, Walt’s eldest son, R. Philip Bixby, “Phil”, became the fourth Bixby to lead the Company. For a standardbred who hadn’t raced in 45 months, he’s become an overnight success. Cooper, who failed to win a race in six starts in 2015 as a freshman and banked a measly $3,305, has ripped off six consecutive victories ($20,700 in earnings) at Northfield Park. Remarkably, he trots faster with each and every outing..

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Dr. Donald Yealy, UPMC Department of Emergency Medicine chair, made this point when he said last week, can safely re open not only our hospital care, but the region and society in all the areas that UPMC serves. Of the hardworking and thoughtful people who want to get back to work are calling for an immediate return to mass gatherings, ending social distancing and lifting hygienic precautions..

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