What is critical to understanding oils is to first understand the importance of pure essential oils. When oils became the rage they are today, it started the creation of poor quality, adulterated, contaminated and even synthetically created oils flooding the market. These oils proved dangerous and the use of adulterated or substandard oils should be avoided! You MUST use oils from a reputable company that provides the consumer with the purest and safest oils available..

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Speaking about the Company’s performance, the GDPI growth rate for the Company in 9M FY19 was 16.7% which was higher than the industry growth rate of 13.1%. The GDPI growth rate of the Company in Q3 FY19 was significantly higher at 25.9% as against the Industry growth of 13.7%. In line with the previous quarters, we continued to register an across the board increased growth in most preferred segments such as Fire, Engineering, Marine, Liability and Group Health.

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