Set WeatherThe Cardinals had 13 members of the club, including seven players, test positive for the coronavirus, forcing MLB to postpone last weekend’s series with the Brewers in Milwaukee, as well as a home and home series this week with the Detroit Tigers.The Cardinals had been quarantining in Milwaukee, waiting for word on where and when they can resume traveling.Cardinals reveal the six players that tested positive for COVID 19, including Yadier Molina and Paul DeJong.The Cardinals were the second MLB club to deal with an outbreak during the coronavirus shortened 60 game season.The Miami Marlins were the first, when 21 members of the club, including at least 18 players, tested positive while in Philadelphia during the first weekend of the season.The Marlins finally returned to the field Tuesday night, beating the Baltimore Orioles, 4 0, at Camden Yards. But two of the three were false positives and the third person had no direct contact with the team.Because of their brush with the coronavirus, the Phillies had last week’s home and home series with the New York Yankees rescheduled for this week. The teams will meet Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park for a doubleheader.

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