The design and planning of our Dutchess Poughkeepsie Trail is an exciting opportunity to link together so many neighborhoods, new development, businesses, and community assets in and around Poughkeepsie. This has been a great partnership with Scenic Hudson, Marist, and the City and I hopeful the Legislature will approve our taking this first step. Is another way to connect the neighborhoods of our city.

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What should I do next? Ed Dear Ed: First, the crankshaft position sensor should be an OEM factory part, not an aftermarket part from a parts store. Secondly, the technician should use a professional computer scanner in Mode 6 to look deep into the computer history, not just recent history. Freeze frame memory is also worth a try by the technician.

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It is easy to question everything in life; to be skeptical of things presented to us. But a healthy dose of skepticism should not stand in the way of encouragement and belief. If Columbus didn’t have a belief in a new route to Asia, he never would have found the new world.

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