Toward the end of the game, Fox’s broadcast team reported that no team dating back to at least 1960 had managed at least 480 yards of total offense and scored three or fewer points in a game. Tampa Bay’s futility might be even more impressive than that. According to, the 2011 St.

Ray taught him to do magic tricks, taught him to turn balloons into dogs and bumble bees and swords so he could work the birthday party circuit, taught him how to line up personal appearances to capitalize on his Super Fan status. They toured the parking lots together in Dallas and Washington, signed autographs together, stayed in each others’ homes. This weekend, for the first time since 1977, the act will be solo..

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There are large areas in the Arctic without weather stations. NASA GISS approaches the problem by filling in gaps with data from the nearest land stations. The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, which works jointly with the Met Office Hadley Centre, leaves much of the region out of its global temperature analysis.

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“We’re looking at literally millions of vote by mails around the state,” said state Sen. James Beach, D Camden, a main sponsor of the measure. “It really puts the board of elections behind the eight ball to make sure they have to certify, especially in a presidential election year.

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