Either Queen Victoria is the new commissioner of the NFL, or Roger Goodell needs to loosen his truss. The league’s flagging of “excessive celebration” with 15 yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct is straight out of the turn of the century and yet another exercise in imperial power. Maybe the next guy who scores should curtsey toward the owner’s box, and see what that gets him.

It seems the more information that comes to light, the more questions arise about DeflateGate, the increasingly confusing NFL scandal pertaining to under inflated footballs used by the New England Patriots. Is Tom Brady really innocent? His social media presence made him seem so squeaky clean! Or what about Bill Belichick? How could he possibly haveno idea how 11 of the team’s 12 game day footballs came to be under inflated by two pounds of air per square inch? This is a storyabout air in footballs, yet it is as seemingly mysterious as”Serial,”the viral podcast that meticulously dissected a first degree murder case. Although the subjects are vastly different, the main questions that run through your mind are the same: What exactly is going on here and who is responsible?.

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I’d say red zone offense. That’s the biggest thing hurting this team. Way too many field goals. “You’ve got to make sure the defense is going to be in man coverage and they’re not accounting for your quarterback,” Pederson said. “It’s a little calculated risk. You’re not gonna do it every week.

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