He only has a Silver Medal from the Olympic Games in Vancouver.10. Martin Brodeur Brodeur is getting older, but i think he is still one of the best goalies, carrer wise, he is the best. But this year, the New Jersey Devils went of with a horible start.

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MCGUFFIN: For its part, the NHL has called Peters’ behavior repugnant and unacceptable, but it’s held off commenting until there’s further investigation. I just want to note that Peters did release an apology through the NHL team through the Flames in which he apologized to the organization but didn’t specifically apologize to Aliu, which really stood out to a lot of people. And Aliu has called that apology insincere..

“We love the IceDogs, and the moment they asked us to come on board, it was a no brainer. The team has become a staple of entertainment in Niagara, uniting young and old, business and casual, family and friends,” said Brent Porter, Creative Director and Partner at Form Affect. “The pride Canadians have for hockey is unrivalled, and it’s magnified by the small town spirit we feel here in Niagara.

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